The Most Important Thing ... A Little While Ago!

Encore, Encore!

THIS JUST IN: After several packed shows, Hannibal Tabu, has added two more shows DJing before and after concerts at the Los Angeles County Fair!

  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: War with Tierra and Malo
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: Chicago & Boz Scaggs

Tickets are still available as the dancefloor that walks like a man helps close out the Fair. As an added benefit, Hannibal has started posting some of the mixes from this year's Fair as free MP3 downloads. Check them out on the music page as they become available.

Was there something else? Oh ... there was just one more thing ...

At Stan Lee's Comikaze, on November 1st at 11:30 AM, Comics on Comics host Vito Lapiccola

and real-life lawyer James Thompson, Esq. will square off at Versus! "Who'd Win" Battles Between Your Favorite Characters, a panel moderated by the honorable Hannibal Tabu himself (there is a gavel). Using the hashtag "#versuspanel" fans can chime in from the crowd via Twitter and take part in the excitement. Two lucky Tweets will be chosen to win a signed copy of Canon Comics' New Money #1, written by Hannibal with art from the Eisner-nominated N. Steven Harris!

This panel has been held with great success at Cal State Los Angeles' Eagle-Con for the last two years and is making its Comikaze debut! James and Vito will have opening and closing statements. issue objections and proceed just like a (sort of) court of law, all under Hannibal's watchful gavel-wielding eye. His eye doesn't wield the gavel, that'd be weird. Cool, but weird. You get the point.

That's all the news that's fit to print ...

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