"... and at your music conference? I'm a panelist ..."
-- Black Thought

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Hannibal Tabu has found himself on the dais of many panels at conferences around the country. Here are some examples of that ...


Starting at Cal State Los Angeles' Eagle-Con, Hannibal has hosted a series of panels where two people (most often comics historian and actual trial attorney James Thompson, Esquire and comedian/Comics On Comics host Vito Lapiccola, but with Total Recall comic book writer Vince Moore tagging in here and there) sit down and argue, as lawyers would in a court case, whether one character (or one set of characters) would beat another in a "Thunderdome" styled fight (enclosed area, no prep time, brought in at the height of their combat abilities and aimed at an opponent). Hannibal presides over the entire affair like a judge (complete with a copy of Mjolnir as a gavel), entertaining objections and calling time on rebuttals, opening and closing statements.

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First presented at the Black Comix Arts Festival in San Francisco, this panel on Comic Book Industry Economics for Creators of Color examined a variety of modern market realities and how comics creators can succeed in spite of them.

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