Digital Project Management

Let's say you need a website.

You've got an idea, or maybe you have stuff to sell, and you need a place for the world to interact with you, minus all the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. What better way than a digital doorway for people to come to?

Hold your horses, partner. Do you need to ship stuff from you to the customer? If there's a digital download people can get, where are the files kept and who pays for the traffic, called bandwidth? What's the difference between a production artist, a designer, someone who does user experience, someone who does user interface, a front end developer, a back end developer ... and do you need all of them?

There are lots of questions involved in making websites. A good digital project manager can help you with many of them. With almost two decades of experience working in the digital realm, building websites for small projects and multi-million dollar companies, Hannibal Tabu can help answer almost any of them.

Hannibal is currently on long term assignment with a large public health plan and is only taking on new projects that are fascinating challenges or have staggering financial remuneration.