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the cover for Scoundrel #1

Scoundrel #1

Step back in time to the year 1981 when the Big Taco restaurant empire was in its infancy. When the company's founders died in a tragic accident, that means their youngest son is free to indulge every bad idea he ever had ... no matter the cost. Written by Tabu with art by Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts.
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  the cover for Scoundrel #2

Scoundrel #2

Hannibal Tabu, Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts take you back to 1981 with this historical fiction tale based on the painting series "A Rake's Progress" by Thomas Hogarth. The ghosts of Hector's past come crashing back into his life as he was trying to find a balance between his reckless hedonism and his responsibilities.
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the cover for Scoundrel #3

Scoundrel #3

Running through several millions of dollars should take time, but Hector Hernandez was a force to behold. His inheritance disappearing, it's time for desperate decisions in this historical fiction miniseries based on the 18th century painting series "A Rake's Progress" by Thomas Hogarth.
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  the cover for Menthu: The Anger of Angels

Menthu: The Anger of Angels

Rashan N'shanga is a professional football player living in Los Angeles who discovered that he is the lost son of an ancient Egyptian war god. Embracing his heritage to become Menthu, he protects the city of L.A. until a jealous angel calls in an old favor to strike out at the young hero, no matter who gets hurt along the way.
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the cover to the free comic book day PDF here comes justice

Here Comes Justice: Free Comic Book Day 2017

Ready to get more than 60 pages of comic book goodness absolutely free? Featuring the first issues of Project Wildfire: Enter Project Torrent, Menthu: The Anger of Angels and a preview of a prose T.A.S.K. story, this is an amazing look into the creative world of the Operative Network and the writing of Hannibal Tabu
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  the cover to Irrational Numbers: Addition

Irrational Numbers: Addition

Hannibal Tabu and Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Batman '66, World War Mob) present a supernatural historical fiction saga with vampires, mathematics and many, many things to regret. The ancient mathematician Pythagoras inadvertantly lets loose centuries of bloodshed in his quest to make his mark on educational history.
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  the cover for Irrational Numbers Subtraction #1

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #1

A civil war in the vampyr nation threatens the stability a former Dacian slave hoped to build. Internecine conflict is the least of their problems as an unknown third party hunts the children of the night, raising the stakes past petty bickering. Written by Hannibal Tabu with art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Flavia Caracuzzo and Josephine Roberts.
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the cover for New Money #1

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #2

Two of the founders of the immortal vampyr nation remain and their rival sects stand violently opposed, spreading bloodshed and anger through eastern Europe. They discover that a threat to them is not an organization, but one man, and the revelation of who hunts them all just doesn't add up. Written by Hannibal Tabu with art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Flavia Caracuzzo and Josephine Roberts.
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the cover for New Money #1

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #3

Thousands of years of history lie revealed, the secret history of vampyrs and the one determined force focused on subtracting them from the world. What, exactly, happened to their inspiration, the man who started it all? How will that affect the growing civil war between vampyr sects? Written by Hannibal Tabu with art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Flavia Caracuzzo and Josephine Roberts.
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the cover for Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #4

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #4

With their true enemy revealed, Akousmatikoi leader Sofia and Medea, head of the rival Mathematikoi, try to find a safe haven. The Reaper spent years using his powerful gift of mesmerism to create a network of disposable sleeper agents around the world, allowing him to keep an eye on the vampyr nation and stymie their efforts on a global scale. The supernatural historical fiction miniseries from Tabu, Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Flavia Caracuzzo and Josephine Roberts enters its penultimate chapter.
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the cover for project wildfire: enter project torrent

Project Wildfire: Enter Project Torrent

Written by Hannibal Tabu with art by Quinn McGowan (Heroes International), eight words change everything for humanity's best chance against a rising tide of monsters.
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Artifacts #35

Artifacts #35

Get the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt comic written by Hannibal Tabu with artwork from Nelson Blake 2, Eisner Award-winning artist Michael Avon Oeming and Jason Lewis.
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the cover for Watson and Holmes Vol. 2

Watson and Holmes, Volume 2

Co-plotted with 2 Guns creator Steven Grant, Hannibal's "A Soldier's Story" (drawn by Dennis Calero of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes fame) anchors this award-winning collection.
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Aspen Universe Sourcebook cover

Aspen Universe Sourcebook

Supporting the Aspen: Revelations crossover from J.T. Krul and Joshua Hale Fialkov, this guide gives the reader an easy entry point for most of Aspen Comics' properties, including Charismagic, Bubblegun, Zoohunters and more.
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the cover for Fathom Sourcebook

Fathom Sourcebook #1

Fans and new readers alike can dive even deeper into the depths of the Fathom Universe with Aspen's first-ever definitive guide to Michael Turner's undersea adventure.
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the cover for Soulfire Sourcebook

Soulfire Sourcebook #1

From the mind of Michael Turner, a clash between magic and technology comes to life in a vibrant reference work featuring lush artwork from amazing talents from Aspen Comics.
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the cover for New Money #1

New Money #1

Illustrated by Eisner-nominated artist N. Steven Harris, this brash story is interpreted from the concepts of NFL superstar Philip Buchanon and written by Hannibal Tabu.
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the cover for Executive Assistant Iris Sourcebook

Executive Assistant Iris Sourcebook #1

Lethal. Gorgeous. Effective. Who are the women called Executive Assistants, and why do they do the things they do? This illustrated guide covers everything you need to know.
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Poetry and Prose Fiction

the cover for Waso: Will to Power

Waso: Will To Power

Based on the fantasy world Asunda pits a young wild elf against all odds after the death of his father and inheriting the mantle of chief over a decimated tribe. The odds had better watch their backs.
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the cover to Waso: Gathering Wind by Marcus Lindgren

Waso: Gathering Wind

The sequel to Waso: Will to Power follows his wrath after the tribe's shaman, his beloved, is captured by unknown parties. This leads him to lengths that even she couldn't predict.
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the cover for Faraway


The biggest problem with building the world's smartest prison is an inmate whose life's mission has been to get inside.
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the cover for The Crown: Ascension

The Crown: Ascension

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl turns out to be 8,500 years old. Much hilarity ensues. In short, her love can make you fly.
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the cover for Voices from Leimert Park

Voices from Leimert Park

An anthology of poetry from one of Los Angeles' most prolific and honored literary enclaves, lovingly edited by World Stage Anansi Writers Workshop alumna, Hampton University professor Shonda Buchanan.
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the cover for Steamfunk!


Brass-rimmed dirigibles! Spectacles and otherspace! Steam powered splendor in a darker hue, carefully curated by author and filmmaker Balogun Ojetade and publisher Milton Davis of MV Media.
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the MultiVerse poetry anthology


A superhero-themed poetry anthology? Edited by Rob Sturma and Ryk McIntire, this collection features the Hannibal Tabu poem "Frustration: The Gospel of Lex Luthor."
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the Black Power superhero anthology

Black Power: The Superhero Anthology

BLACK POWER: THE SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY offers BANG-POW-THOOM action, searing satire, and thoughtful social commentary from a people too often overlooked in mainstream comic books and heroic cinema and television. Hannibal Tabu contributed the T.A.S.K. story "Django Unplugged."
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