The Most Important Thing (a while ago)!

Everyday I Write The Book

"At the very least, every day I'm writing a book.

"While there's a lull in announcements that can be shared with you, take this time to get caught up on my continuity-founding novel The Crown: Ascension, now available on the Komplicated publishing imprint.

"The Crown: Ascension is the essential starting point for The Context, a fictional world that is very similar to our own but veers dangerously on to another path in the 1980s and is never quite the same. In the novel Tonya Fitzgerald is smart, funny, attractive, rich ... and 8,500 years old. A functional immortal, if she is in love with you, you get super powers.

"Literally the tip of the iceberg, this novel is your entry point into over 100,000 years of narrative storyline spanning the genres of fantasy, magical realism and science fiction.

"Also, thanks to Gumroad, most of the profits go directly into the stomachs of my kids, er, to the author. Indie publishing at its finest!

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