The Most Important Thing Right Now!

The Summer of Our Discontent

What a time to be alive, eh? Oy ...

#wildfirewednesday weekly web comics

First, let's talk about Project: Wildfire. For the last several months, I've been working with my extremely talented collaborator Quinn McGowan on Enter Project: Torrent, a two issue mini-series that opens up the world of Project: Wildfire to readers new and old.

I opened iMovie on my iPad for the second time ever to create an introduction to the work. Like to hear it? Here it goes ...

As of this writing in early July 2016, there are 21 more pages to go, so with a weekly schedule ... well, to be honest, I'm not very good with math sometimes so you can get a calendar and figure it out yourself. Sorry, lots going on.

Like what?

San Diego Comic-Con 2016

I'll be driving down Wednesday afternoon and appearing on two panels Friday. Those panels are ...

2016 Aspen Comics Panel: Talking about Aspen Universe Sourcebook, which supports the Aspen: Revelations crossover event. Since my dude Josh Reed went to go work at DC Comics, I'll likely be pestering JT Krul with my ill advised attempts at humor on the dais, since Peter Steigerwald seems immune to my charms (or he's sleepy from working so much). If I have an update on the prose novellas, we can likely talk about that there too.

Insights for Independent Creators: Here I'll be showing some new artwork from Enter Project: Torrent and screening the trailer for the crowd. I may be able to make a new announcement by then, but I don't know. In any case, I'll be focused on Project: Wildfire.

Other Shenanigans

I plan to join writer David Walker (Power Man & Iron Fist, Nighthawk, Occupy Avengers) in cosplaying as Book of Mormon cast members on Saturday, replacing the name badge with a Black Lives Matter emblem.

There's very little chance I will miss the Christopher J. Priest panel on Thursday.

On Sunday Night, I will be at Levi Strauss' karaoke show at Henry's Pub because he's one of the best hosts I've ever seen. I'll be back in LA Monday afternoon.

Black Lives Matter

Unless you've moved into Kimmy Schmidt's old bunker, you likely know that the country is on a razor's edge with police involved shootings and chaos in the streets. I may not speak as eloquently as my friend Mr. MoKelly or with the profane passion of Black Nerd Power but if you follow me on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter, you've seen that I almost can't shut up about it. Supporting my wife's work with BLM LA, writing work that I hope moves the needle towards justice, mentoring teens and writers, raising my girls with an attitude towards equity ... I'm doing what I can, but it never feels like enough. Until things are right, maybe that's the point.

"... so, I've got that going for me ..."

So that's all the news that's fit to print. Play nice or I'll send you in with the Mountain and Septa Unella ...

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