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The All-New, All-Different

A funny thing happened on the way to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 ... and that led to The All-New, All-Different, a responsively designed HTML5 website focused on the hard man of American comics, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2015!

flyer for Hannibal Tabu panels at San Diego Comic-Con
Find Hannibal Tabu at #SDCC15
The Aspen Panel, Room 9, Friday 11AM
Insights for Independent Creators, Room 32AB, Friday, 7PM
KFI AM 640's Mr. MoKelly Show (Live Broadcast), 1 Park Blvd. 6-8PM

This is the new central clearinghouse for all pieces of information about Hannibal Tabu (not to discount his efforts with The Operative Network), including (but surely not limited to) ranting, writing, photography, promotion of upcoming appearances and where you can find him online plus more ...

Wait, what?

"Wasn't there a fancy Wordpress site here with one of those fancy carousels and all that?" Yeah ... well ...

This new, secured platform has been developed with the latest in HTML5 and responsive design, lovingly hand coded with Textastic and Textwrangler and built with information architecture developed by one of the industry's most seasoned experts. Things should be ducky for most modern browsers, devices and screens, but if anything looks weird or hinkety on your screen, please don't hesitate to write in with your OS, browser version and what went wrong. Oh, but things will look weirder on older devices and browsers -- sorry, no way of knowing what would happen in every possible "corner case". As the Eleventh Doctor said, I can't tell the future, I just work there."

What can you expect here? Oh, the wonders we will show you ...

Plug in, get connected: The news section is a complilation of social media feeds (you'll have to go to the individual platforms -- Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook -- to interact, for security reasons).

The business: An online store where you can purchase Hannibal's work (and support my adorable family -- seriously, those two girls can eat).

Curriculum Vita: Information about the titular individual as a musician (DJ, vocalist, producer), writer (journalism, comics, prose fiction, poetry, marketing) and project management (websites, publications, marketing campaigns, event production).

Bad "yo momma" jokes: "Yo momma is SO UGLY, when she tried to enter an ugly contest, they said, 'sorry, no professionals ...'"

The Ron Harper of Recording: Podcasts ... when he remembers to do them. Sorry!

... and whatever other strangled cries for help and madness might cross his mind. His own private Duncan Idaho. Wait, that's not right ...

If you're new, welcome. If you're here since Rap Pages, or here from reading Hannibal Tabu's at Comic Book Resources or finding me from some other venue or outlet, thank you for still being here. Look forward to this site bringing you "more of what you like."

"... there's no eartly way of knowing ... which direction we are going ... there's no knowing where we're rowing ... or which way the river's flowing ..."

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