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Spanning a thousand years, Irrational Numbers is the story of four people whose disparate hungers — for knowledge, for freedom, for power and to be remembered — led them to a deluge of bloodshed and anger.

Pythagoras was a skillful mathematician and philosopher who saw something special in a rebellious slave named Zalmoxis. Together they traveled the ancient world looking for answers, and along the way they were joined by another freed slave and a powerful priestess of Hecate, and together they founded a nation that stretched across centuries and a legacy that was a blight on mankind.

I learned a lot writing this book for Wunderman Comics, both in terms of history (I know much more about Romania than I ever expected) and process. I'm enormously proud.

How about another look at the zero issue's first four pages? Here we go!

The "first" issue, is available now, as is the second issue and the third will be available on October 15th.

Yes, I still have free web comics for you to read: Menthu: The Anger of Angels and Project Wildfire: Street Justice every Monday and Wednesday.

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