The Most Important Thing (a while ago)!

Elves, Detectives, Assassins and Panels Galore

So much to do ...

On December 8, 2015, Stranger Comics released my second prose novella in their fictional world, Waso: Gathering Wind, a story that starts with a kidnapping, ends with a heist and has all kinds of magical craziness in between.

Waso: Gathering Wind is available everywhere on digital platforms ...

I'm enormously proud of this work, expanding the storyline from Dusu: Path of the Ancient as his foster brother preserves the tribe after a series of cataclysmic events.

That's just the first book I had out this week. From New Paradigm Studios, I'm very pleased to say Watson and Holmes Volume 2 was released Thursday by New Paradigm Studios, featuring "A Soldier's Story," co-plotted by myself and Steven Grant (2 Guns, Punisher) and illustrated by Dennis Calero (Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes). Here's the original solicitations text for that ...

An old army buddy of Watson's goes missing amidst a pattern of soldier suicides. Knowing there is something else at hand, Watson heads to Rockford, Illinois with the ever-inquisitive Holmes in tow. Far from their familiar Harlem home, will the duo find answers or run afoul of Department of Defense agents anxious to keep things quiet?

On January 27th, Aspen Comics will release Executive Assistant: Iris Sourcebook -- the third property I've given the definitive guide treatment. Beautiful, lethal, talented and relentless, these ladies define elegance and effectiveness. I tell you all there is to know about the characters and their world.

That is stuff I wrote already. Is that all? To quote Christopher J. Priest's Black Panther, "No, this is new business."

I am hearing that I will be appearing on a panel at San Francisco's Black Comix Arts Festival on Monday, January 18th, talking about the business and economics of comics, from the heights of the big two publishers to the challenges of the smallest independents. Much appreciation to the esteemed Professor John Jennings for helping make that happen and I am told the website should reflect this information shortly and I'll break out a flyer as soon as I get the time confirmed.

I have a tentative agreement with Long Beach Comic Expo to bring my Versus! panel to the city by the sea. In this, two fans argue, lawyer style, which set of characters could beat the other with me presiding as a judge. Objections, motions, closing arguments, the whole shebang. Our resident comics historian and actual lawyer James Thompson Esq. will return, but Comics on Comics host Vito Lapiccola will be out of town ... so in his stead will be long time comics retailer and writer of "Total Recall" for Dynamite Publishing, Vince Moore. It's sure to be a hoot, ditto on the flyer.

Yes, I'm still working on the two prose novellas I will be releasing with Aspen Comics in 2016. When I can tell you more about that, I will ... oh, okay, I turned in the outline for the first one this week too. Are you satisfied now, you glorious little monsters?

Happy holidays!

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