Fiction: Komplicated: The Crown: Ascension

Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl fall in love.
Girl turns out to be 8,500 years old.
Much hilarity ensues.

The Crown: Ascension is divided into two "books" ...

The Premise for Book One

Fearing the consequences of this love, Tonya spent most of her millennia in solitude, sublimating her desires in learning and secrecy. One night, a man whose face echoed an ancient flame in her heart snuck past the guards and captured her attention. For the first time in four centuries, Tonya fell under the spell of romance, discarding her carefully crafted isolation, consequences be damned. She discovers happiness in the evanescent arms of a mortal named James Edwards, even as the shadow that's haunted her for centuries seeks to darken her life again.

The Premise for Book Two

Jetting around the globe, doing the archaeology of the impossible, was tons of fun until the Manos family got involved. James and Tonya filled their days with hunts for the most dangerous artifacts of the old world and their nights with each others sensual pleasure. Little did they know that the Five, carrying the mandate of the Byzantine Empire and a dedication to rid the world of the same treasures that James and Tonya seek to secure, were lying in their path, ready to rid the world of immortality in the name of God and Man. After ten centuries, Tonya is forced to face the legacy which killed more than a dozen immortals.

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