Comics: Fathom From Aspen Comics

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Fathom Sourcebook Vol. 1

cover to fathom sourcebook from Aspen Comics

The first volume of the Fathom Sourcebook opens up the fatefully intoned phrase, "there is the world we know, and the world below," showcasing the two undersea species The Blue and The Black as they struggle to coexist with the surface world. Aspen Matthews, the first hybrid between the two aquatic races, also serves as a bridge with humanity after losing her memories of her heritage and growing up with humans.

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Fathom: Out Of The Blue and Into The Dark

The third in a series of prose novellas from the legendary publisher, this prequel looks at the secretive agent of the Blue early in his career, struggling with keeping the existence of his people a secret while gaining the trust of two powerful nations.

Available Winter 2016