books written by Hannibal Tabu coming out in winter of 2015


Activate the Eloquence Engine!

From comic books to marketing copy, poetry to prose, website blurbs to ghostwritten novels, this is how wordsmithing is done.

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image of web project management

Project Management

Deploy Weapon H!

When it has to be right, from multi-million dollar phased website releases to collaborative publishing, accept no substitutes.

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Hannibal DJing at the Speakeasy in Santa Monica


Tune in, groove on.

DJing for LA's County Fair. Karaoke hosting for LA's west side & south bay. Original music production. Pitch perfect, every time.

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The Most Important Thing Right Now

What's the word after Wondercon 2017?

Two web comics running every week, for free. Really!

A collaboration with video game and movie star Damion Poitier is coming together and finally, the math adds up for Irrational Numbers from Wunderman Comics.

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